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Thank you for visiting our website.  RealDeal Ministries, Pastors Steve and Lennette Deal, moved to St. Augustine, FL on April 4, 2016 to fulfill the vision God birthed in them 8 years prior. The timing of our move was very specific based on the completion of five assignments God had given them.  God told us that when these assignments were completed, the ground would be spirtually ready for what He was calling us to do and fulfill. In August of 2015, those assignments were complete, and we began to pray about the timing of our move. As Steve went away to fast and pray in December of 2015 for God's perfect timing, God spoke very loud.  We arrived in April of 2016 totally by faith, moving on God's Word and prompting  to trust Him for provision and direction.

As visionaries, we want to thank all of our friends and family for your belief in the visions God has given us over the years.  We are asking you to consider being a part of what God is doing in us and through us here in St. Augustine, Florida, the first city in America.  We waited over 8 years for this vision to unfold.  God has called us to be "one of the" gatekeepers of this city; a city where every nation and religion had to pass through in order to get to this great nation; a place where the first revival happened in America, and where one of the first key Civil Rights Movements advanced.  But also a place that has been sited as having the fifth highest concentration of witchcraft in America. 

We have planted Life Groups in the city, our hearts being to see "Every Neighborhood in this City" reached with the hope and love of Jesus, either through our ministry, or churches across this city who establish Life Groups of their own.  We have already helped to train other churches on how to establsih Life Groups within thier own churches.  Our first Life Group began here June 2, 2016.  We now have a thriving Life Group on Monday Nights called "Eclectic" Life Giving Group and up until this past summer had one on Thursday Nights. We will reopen that one as God speaks to us. We are seeing people coming who are truly hungry to know who Jesus really is.

We also lead a Life Giving Group called "Canvas" for all Millenials in partnership with Church on The Rock of St. Augustine.  We are all a Canvas in which God wants to write.  This group is on Wednesday nights in our home at 7:30 PM.  This group of young adults come read to learn and share.  

As the Lord brings supernatural provision, we will be developing a Ministry Training Center to raise up young people to do the work of the ministry, by reaching this city first, and then the World. Our heart is to help point them in the direction of their destinies.  Someone recently who is involved in our ministry told us "You two ARE the training center".  What we are believing God to do in our own training center, we are already doing in our home.  We were very blessed and overwhelmed by that comment. 

As you peruse through this site, we invite you to partner with us in this adventure through prayer and financial support if God so prompts you as we reach America’s first city, St. Augustine, Florida.

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