Contact Us

Please feel free to send us an email or contact us by phone if you have any questions regarding RDMI. If you would like Pastors Steve and Lennette Deal to come and minister at your church, teach or train in the areas of their passions, feel free to contact them by email or the contact number provided.

They come on a love offering basis, plus expenses.  

Areas of their Passions and Anointings:

Children's Minsitry Training. "Its Alive" Clinics

Leadership Training and Team Building

Vision Casting for Staff and Individuals

Life Giving Groups Training: Begin your own Life Group within your church or by partnering with RDMI for Eclectic Life Giving Groups

The Importance of Missions within your own city as well as around the World.

"The Deck" Conferences.  It is time to get the generations talking about their beliefs and finding undertanding of where each other are coming from, and then putting it all in perspective with the truth of God's Word. 

  • Real Deal Ministries International
  • Phone 813-787-7734
2313 Vista Cove Road,
St. Augustine, FL 32084