1. To go into communities and neighborhoods with the Hope Bus offering free coffee, sodas, and ice cream to show them we care and the Love and Hope of Jesus.

  • Purchasing Online!
  • $12 Suggested Donation(Includes Shipping)


What is offered will depend on the RealDeal Ministry partners available at the time of request.

2. Partnering with businesses in the city in the following ways:
a. Bringing the Hope Bus to their business location and setting up for all employee breaks and lunch hours offering free coffee and a place for the employees to relax. Customers of the local business will be welcome as well.

b. Inviting local businesses to partner with the Hope Bus Vision by providing for the expenses of the day’s outreach. Their name will be
visible on the bus as the ones who provided the coffee for the day.
We would pass out information regarding their place of business to help thank them for their involvement.

c. Partnering with other local food/drink businesses who would like to
offer free sandwich trays, donuts, snacks, etc. on the Hope Bus for the
day’s outreach. Of course, all items will be offered free, but donations will be accepted. We would pass out information regarding their place of business to help thank them for their involvement.

d. Taking the Hope Bus to the Chamber of Commerce and City Hall
for special meetings offering our support.

e. Allowing other churches to use the Hope Bus for their special events BUT we will provide the staff and are willing to train some of their people to participate.

f. The Hope Bus will be used at special events in the area, festivals, etc.

g. Parking in our lot on Youth Nights and sometimes when the kids are
walking home from school offering free coffee, soda, popcorn, and ice cream
as well as other events at our church.

  • In Person at the HOPE BUS!
  • $10 Suggested Donation



Bringing the Hope of Jesus to individual lives, families, communities, and business

Reaching out to our city and community, as well as the surrounding communities, through the use of a coffee café on wheels called the HOPE BUS, showing the unconditional Love and Hope of Jesus over a FREE cup of coffee.