Life-Giving Groups

God is directing us to focus on raising leaders who would be prepared to lead in their sphere of influence in the Last Days. Whether you own a business, or retired asking God what is next, perhaps you are raising children, young adults or grandchildren and you need wisdom on how to lead them…maybe God has given you something to share with the world and you need direction on how to lead the way and bring hope to the world…Come gather with us.

Starting September 9th through November 18th at

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

each Monday night, Eclectic Life Giving Groups will meet for those who want to know how to lead in the times in which we live and the environment in which God has placed us.

“Leaders and Loves in the Last Days.”

Each Week there will be a discussion on leading challenges and wisdom needed to navigate those challenges. Don’t worry about having dinner before you come. We ask that each person attending bring a dish to share with the rest of the group as we will have a meal together at 6:30 to help us develop a sense of community and family. Come join the family. People come from all backgrounds and churches but it works. Community happens.