We pray that you had an amazing Christmas. We know that next Christmas we will all look back and be amazed at all that has transpired in our nation and other nations that are greatly impacted by the decisions America makes; as well as our own families. Prayerfully we will look back with great joy. We have had so much happen this year...good and bad...as have each of you. We are so blessed by God's faithfulness and so thankful that we have not walked any of it alone. We are looking forward to this coming year with great anticipation and hope. We are believing for acceleration in the visions God has given us, but we trust Him for perfect timing.

A little over a month ago, Lennette told the Lord that she felt our vision here in St. Augustine was moving slow. HE told her it was acceleration. She told me she actually argued with Him briefly and God took her to His Word to one of her favorite chapters to prove his point (not that he has to prove anything...he was humoring her lol). He took her to Daniel Chapter 10. The Lord pointed out once again that Daniel prayed for 21 days waiting for an answer from the Lord regarding Israel. Daniel thought he was SLOW. But The Angel of the Lord was having to fight off the Prince of Persia (the prince demon over that area) on behalf of Daniel in the heavenlies. When the Angel of the Lord appeared to Daniel he let him know that from the moment he began to pray the fight in the heavenlies began. The Lord made it clear to Lennette that acceleration was happening in heaven on our behalf here in St. Augustine. He also let her know that if she would like to fight this alone He could take His hands off. NO WAY. If you read to the end of that chapter you see that the Angel of the Lord laid hands on Daniel to strengthen him and then made it clear that he had to return to CONTINUE to fight the Prince of Persia and then also let him know that the Prince of Greece was on his way. SO WE CAME INTO AGREEMENT WITH THE LORD THAT THIS IS ACCELERATION.

We have met people here who have been praying for a move of God for over 25 years here in this city. One young man who is partnering with us has been praying for 8 years (the same amount of time we have prayed about coming) for a move of God in this city.

So here is what has been happening:

1. Moved here by faith on April 4, 2016

2. God did as he promised through many of you to raise our upfront funds needed to plant here. Thank you

3. We planted ourselves into the community by praying with the pastors of the city.

4. We invited key leaders and ministers in this city to come to our home and lay hands on us and release us into the city.

5. Steve's youngest brothers 20 year old son suddenly passed of a rare liver disease and cancer.

6. Jordan and Ruth lost a baby during that same time

7. We started an Eclectic Home Group to reach our neighborhood and to train an Assembly of God church leadership on how to do Home Groups. They in turn launched 2 of their own.

8. Have come along side Fleming Island Assembly of God church to help them raise up a youth pastor and working hand in hand to do some children's ministry training.

9. Have had Larger events using our condo community clubhouse developing relationships with this community a. Music and Worship Nights b. Thanksgiving Dinner c. Christmas Open House These events have opened doors for us to build community and become part of this city.

10. We come in contact with those involved in witchcraft more often than expected but this city is considered to have the fifth highest concentration of witchcraft in America. They are coming to our events and asking questions that we are happy to share. More is caught than taught in most cases. *We are asking for intercessors to arise on our behalf as we move forward.

11. We have partnered with A.S.K Prayer network to reach this city and nation through prayer, lead by Aaron Gray. We use our clubhouse for the meetings once a month.

12. Helped move our kids to Michigan

13. Working on a Business Plan for a Coffee Shop on Vilano Beach as an outreach to that island. Pray with us for financial provision , a building (they are limited in the business district) and timing.

14. Our family dog, OSCAR, passed away at the age of 16 years. Our hearts are broken but very thankful for so many years given from the Lord with such a sweet 4 legged fur baby.

15. Steve has been ministering in the jails once a week and loves it. He is seeing a difference in the men.


1. We will continue partnering with A.S.K. Prayer Network

2. On January 9th we will begin our new Eclectic Home Group called "Hope for Your Future". It will be held every Monday evening.

3. One Friday a month we will facilitate a "meal" and outreach using our clubhouse. It costs only $50 each time we use it.

4. We will be preparing for the beginning of our Ministry Training Center using what God has placed in our hands until we get a building. We are excited as to what God is showing us. It will be called "LEAD" and will last 6 weeks in the summer. More details to come. This will involve rising seniors and college age students.

We are looking for 50 people to come alongside and partner with us for $50 a month for one year or as long as God would have you participate. Please pray and ask God if you are one of those called alongside to help us reach this city and train others to reach their world.


Pastor Steve and Lennette Deal