Basic SWAT Vision:

What does SWAT mean?  It stands for “Students With A Testimony.” We are very excited about the SWAT Vision God has given us to help train and disciple children and youth on how to proclaim Jesus’ name in their schools throughout the cities of America as well as Internationally. If we want them to be successful in sharing with others about the hope within them in today’s society, we have to give them the proper tools.  This is a “Show me Generation”.  Let’s give them what they need. 

SWAT Tools:

  • Tool Number One: They must have a personal relationship with the Lord in order to purchase the tools. This is a radical vision equipping our youth and children on how to take their schools and communities for Jesus as well as a church growth tool, not a T-shirt company.
  • Tool Number Two:  As a ministry it is your responsibility to teach each participant in the vision on how to give their personal testimony, which is simply, sharing what God has done for them personally. Kids can argue all day about the “truth of the Word” or the reality of God and His Son Jesus, but they are less apt to argue with someone elses’ experience.
  • Tool Number Three: A SWAT T-shirt or Hoodie. The apparel that is provided is up to date and designed with youth in mind. The goal is for each young person to wear this apparel on Fridays to their schools taking every opportunity to explain what their testimony in Christ is and to locate other believers on campus. There is strength in numbers.
  • Tool Number Four: A Growth Tool for your Children and Youth Ministries.  Each Child or youth who purchases a t-shirt will also be equipped with white business cards with SWAT printed in black. The back of the card will be blank. You will stamp or print on the back of each card your ministry information, (address, phone, contact, service times, etc). Each participant will be given SWAT cards to pass out on Fridays and invite their friends to come and visit their church, youth group, or children‘s ministry.  This vision now becomes a church growth tool.

The idea of this vision is not to sell a t-shirt, but to sell tools for the sharing of the gospel. Do not sell any apparel until a child or youth has fulfilled the first requirement…they must be born again. Otherwise, they are not a testimony at all.


You must be born again:

Jesus answered and said to Him, “Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God,” - John 3:3

Must learn how to give a testimony:

“And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” - Revelation 12:11

SWAT Discipleship Program:

The SWAT Discipleship program is a tool designed to help prepare and raise up the army of God of children and youth across this nation to know the truths within them concerning their walk with the Lord. This is a “tool” so you have the freedom to be creative and to implement the SWAT Vision in a manner that reaches the children and youth you are called to reach. It can be used in a church setting, bible club, after school program, boys and girls clubs, and so many other creative arenas. 

It Includes the Following:

For the students:

  • Scripture Memory
  • Workbooks/sheets that can be printed out as needed
  • Requirement Books that can be printed out as needed
  • Three different levels with the ability to last for years
  • Reward System
  • Encouragement to gain a passion for missions
  • Requirements involving the leading of devotions in a group setting
  • Training in how to give a simple testimony
  • Cd’s containing the documents for each workbook and requirement book pages with unlimited duplication allowed.

 For the Leaders:

  • Leadership manual
  • Duplication Cd’s for all Workbook and Requirement pages
  • Suggestions
  • The Ability to purchase extra leadership manuals.

"You life and the lives of your young people are about to change for an army is about to arise."

- Lennette Deal, Visionary and Author