The Call

"WELCOME HOME".   It is on these words that we hold on tight to what seems to be the impossible to the natural mind.  These are the words that we heard while standing behind a property we felt God had set aside for us in St. Augustine for a Ministry Training Center.  Whether these words were for our heart and ears to interpret the acquisition of that particular building where we were standing at the time, or acquisition of the keys to the city in the spirit realm, we still stand believing for whatever God has for us there. For 7 years now we have had a burden for a city that I had never traveled to, and Lennette had only been to once when she was 10 years old. All she remembered was the Fort and the history. 

We did not get on the grounds to even pray to see what God could be saying until October of 2012.  When we were there, God showed us some miraculous things and we began to pray into it.  The property that we stood behind that day and prayed about for over 3 years now was sent to us in an email and we are not sure where it came from accept that we feel God wanted to draw us there.  That property sold in September of 2015, but we know that God has a plan for He gave us a vision and on that we stand. God has a building whether it is that one, or another one, at just the right time it will emerge and provision will come.

In November of 2013 the Lord gave us a very direct word.  

1.  "Sell everything you own accept what will fit in your bedroom at your kids home in Lakeland and build community with your kids."

2.  "Your daughter-in-law Ruth is going to walk through some health issues and the family will need you."

3.  "Get closer to St. Augustine, FL so you can pray and hear my heart for the city"

4.  "Get completely out of debt in this transition; move forward when you are 100% debt free."  (So we have done just that. As of August 2015 we are DEBT FREE. )

In this transition we have been ministering as RealDeal Ministries International, worked secularly, and at a great church in Brandon, Florida called The Palms Church.  Steve just returned from a time of fasting and prayer and God gave him some new directives.

1.  "Resign your positions at The Palms Church" affective January 31st, 2016. "Are you ready to walk on water

2.  "Make your vision known." Habakkuk 2:2 "Write the vision (revelation) and make it plain on tablets so that a hearld may run to it?.

3.  "Prepare, Pray, Fast, raise support and GO".

We arrived in St. Augustine on April 4, 2016.  Pray with us as we continue to seek the Lord for open doors and the miraculous. We need divine appointments orchestrated by the Lord.