The Launch


God spoke to Steve to believe for "100 people to give $100" for RealDeal Ministries launch to St. Augustine, FL, the first city in America.  On December 29, 2015, Steve went away to fast and pray about the timing for us to launch to the city that we have been praying for over 7 years. A city that God birthed in us right before we left for Fort Mill, SC on the border of Charlotte, NC.  The season was NOT then, but God made it very clear on Steve's fast that the season is NOW!  The Lord was very specific that we both were to resign our pastoral positions at The Palms Church in Brandon on January 31, 2016 and trust Him to provide QUICKLY.  So in obedience we did just that.


The Lord spoke to Steve and myself in November of 2013 that when we became 100% DEBT FREE PERSONALLY the ground in St. Augustine would be Spiritually ready for us to plant the ministry vision He has given us. Well, by an amazing miracle, we became 100% debt free on August of  2015.  It was supernatural.  We knew we could not get in debt again or it would delay the call, yet we had completed our assignment from the Lord.  We waited, ministered where we were planted, until we got difinitive direction and that came the week of December 29, 2015.  We have seen so many miracles since we said "YES NOW LORD".


Once we came into agreement with God's timing instead of ours, God clearly spoke to Steve that we were to go to St. Augustine and pray for a home to live in and begin to evaluate the cost of living in that city.  We were NOT expecting to find a place because we were not moving until April 2016. This was a fact finding mission. We were waiting to move following a conference in New Orleans with our spiritual papa where we would be officially launched. We also had a lot of funds to raise as a 501C3 ministry for this church plant with very little time.  While on that fact gathering mission, we not only found out the cost of living but through divine intervention, found a place with a landlord who was willing to hold the condo until we arrived. God's timing and God's provision.

These are the next steps God gave us:

1.  Go to South Carolina and meet with the RDMI Board

2.  While in South Carolina, gather prayer warriors and friends for communion, prayer, and lay hands on them to bless their families.

3.  Go to Holland, Michigan and gather people in homes to pray, share in communion and lay hands on them to bless their families.  We were gone 11 days and preached 10 times.

4.  Go to Miami and minister, share in communion, gather prayer warriors.

5.  Go to New Orleans and be officially launced

6.  Move April 4.

Highlights are included in the video Total Obedience: THE LAUNCH