RealDeal Ministries Updates

  • Sunday, July 23, 2017 It is JUST a Building. REALLY IS IT?

    GOD HAS COMMISSIONED US to establish a ministry training center on Vilano Beach.  The search began long before we actually moved here or had even planted our feet on the ground. We are still searching..dreaming...praying...believeing.  Will you pray with us as well?

    This was the original building that we prayed over for over 2 years. I was crushed when it sold. It was an ugly building but we were not looking for a personal home but a ministry training center and because it was gutted pretty much...we could make it what it needed to be. It was $899,000 for almost 8000 square feet Someone talked them into selling it for $430, 000. Sigh

    This was the second building we looked at after the one on Coastal highway sold. I could cry after looking at the title company and saw that June 2016 someone bought this property for Transfer Value: $110,000.00. It was in foreclosure. I could kick myself. They took out a loan for $600,000 maybe to remodel. It sold for 1.1 million just a few months later. We assumed we could not afford it. Can not believe what we missed out on. UGH! But God knows. You could pray for the city from the North South East and West all from the roof top. The property on Coastal Highway was $899,000 and someone talked them into $430,000. We prayed over that property for 2 years before it sold. God has a perfect property. One of these could SUDDENLY come available for a steal. We believe in miracles.

    This building has NOT BEEN ON THE MARKET.  It would be an amazing international training center wouldn;t it?

  • Sunday, July 23, 2017 JUST KEEPING IT REAL WITH REALDEAL...


    A couple days ago Steve and I were walking on Vilano Beach having trouble believing that all we have felt God say would be part of the vision was even possible. It was a walk of reevaluation, revisiting, re-establshing the faith that we were having trouble holding on to because it is all so exciting but oh so impossible without a miracle. Million dollar training centers? Coffee Shop on Vilano where you only have 200,000 square feet of street in the business district to find a building and they are all taken? A coffee shop that will probably take $100,000 to get started? We have already sown 9 years of prayer into this, 8 before arriving. Parts have been added along the way, but praying about coming has been a very long time. I can't say that we found the faith that night to keep believing for the impossible...BUT GOD...

    This was a private struggle (until now) that evening, but I feel I need to share this because there are those of you out there that God made promises to years ago and you are about to give up. God says DON'T GIVE UP!

    The very next morning after our struggle someone sent me a private FB message. Someone I rarely hear from. She wanted to remind me of the dream she had years ago when my kids were still in Lakeland. In this dream we were walking down the beach and I was pointing to her and her family a building that was ours. She called to tell me this dream at the time because I had just posted a picture of a building we were dreaming about for the ministry training center...she told me of the dream and that building was the one I was pointing to. God's timing and reminders of His purposes and promises are perfect. 

    I had also said to the Lord the day before, "I hope you will let me do kids ministry again". Every time we transition that goes on hold. Then I begin to doubt my anointing in that arena. Well God had a precious women of God who I also do not hear from very often contact me via private FB. She had a dream of me in a room, not a classroom per se, but I was teaching kids to be creative with paints, crayons, etc. She said she was going around the room picking up broken crayons from their creativity. She told me the Lord said I would know what that means... She had not idea of course that I was asking God these kinds of questions. She had no idea the doubts the enemy was throwing Steve and my way just the day before. 

    Then I post a picture that day of a butterfly I passed by while leaving the fitness center in our complex. Someone else I never hear from posted a message that at her church, Transformation, her pastor had just preached a word the Sunday before that "many in the body were feeling the pressure right before the butterfly pushes through the cocoon" and here was that butterfly. Maybe we are at the end of the push. Maybe we are about to break through the cocoon. 

    Then yesterday we had a specific need and we were asking God to confirm that we were suppose to move in that direction by providing the funds from an unexpected source. That happened by the end of the day in our mail box. 

    God has spoken LOUDLY. We will keep believing for a ministry training center; we will keep believing for the coffee shop outreach center; we will continue to believe new doors will open for me to touch and raise up kids to be leaders for His Kingdom Purposes. WE BELIEVE! 

    Thank you to EVERY ONE WHO WAS OBEDIENT TO CONTACT ME AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME. (You know who you are). THANK YOU to ALL WHO SOW INTO REALDEAL MINISTRIES SO THAT WE CAN DO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED US TO DO. We are starting a second Life Group in St. Augustine on Thursdays starting in August. So there will be one on Mondays and on Thursdays. Let us know if you would like the address. AND if you would like to sow into good ground, go to You can donate on our website. We are a 501C3. 


  • Thursday, June 15, 2017 RDMI EXPANDING OUR TENTSTAKES


    RealDeal Ministries International is expanding it's tent stakes. Eclectic Life Group is going really well. We are so excited as to what God is doing. We are seeing people come hungry to know Him more and for fellowship. We have been speaking on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We love sharing the teaching and allowing others to share. Steve's Aunt was driving home from Eclectic after our study and received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in the car. So exciting. Another precious lady who comes regularly was sitting in the chair of her esthetician who was a radical believer in Jesus and she received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit while in her chair. God is using His body as they walk out who HE TRULY IS! 

    We are meeting on Thursdays this month...Mondays again in July...and going to TWO Eclectic Life Groups starting in August, one on Monday and one on Thursday. So if you have wanted to come check it out but the original day of Monday did not work for August you will have two options.

    We have also started an Eclectic Life Group in the Clearwater/Largo area with the Lemieux family whom we consider family. They were in our home group in the Charlotte area. We will be doing it once a month for this season. 

    We have been asked to pray about starting an Eclectic Life Group in Winter Haven. We are not moving forward at this time until God makes things clear. That of course would be once a month until a leader arises then they can adjust accordingly.

    Lennette is loving working for Life Services Pregnancy Center here in St. Augustine. Just yesterday while on the mobile truck 2 young ladies gave their hearts to the Lord and we believe a heart was changed to save the life of her baby! Steve is still loving ministering in the Jail in St. John's County and is very thankful to be a part of that ministry opportunity.

    We have released the youth pastor position at Fleming island Assembly of God to an amazing couple we were able to raise up and we are so excited for the youth of that awesome church.  
    This allows us to focus more on what God has called us to here in St. Augustine, but we will still do our best to stay connected with our Fleming Island family for Tuesday prayer and prayerfully attend one Sunday a month. We are traveling a bit more so we will remain sensitive to what God is saying. It is also exciting to visit churches here and see what God is doing. 

    The coffee shop vision is still on the horizon. The business plan is complete accept for the expense of a building. We don't know what that will be until a building opens up. Space is very limited. Trusting God for his perfect timing and finances. You can see the vision on our website. 

    Steve and I are training with Leadership Training International (LTI). We will be instructors. We have been given permission to use this in our Ministry Training Center when God allows us to open. We have our eye on a few buildings that would be perfect we are just waiting for his provision. In the meantime God is continuing to equip us before it opens and LTI is one of those opportunities. The Leadership Training is all biblically based and very powerful. They also take this into the corporate world just using different language. 

    GOD IS EXPANDNG OUR TENTSTAKES. If you would like to be a part of what we are doing here in St. Augustine, please come on board in prayer...we need intercessors. We also ask that you pray about sowing into this vision. You can go to our website if you feel called to sow into RealDeal Ministries International.

  • Tuesday, May 23, 2017 RDMI Update

    May 23, 2017

    I so appologize for the lateness of this update. There is so much happening so fast.  God is on the move in St. Augustine 

    Update for the Eclectic life-giving groups in Saint Augustine, Florida with RealDeal Ministries International and all ministries of RDMI:

    Jail Ministry - 9 salvations in April. Steve minister's every Tuesday
    Pregnancy Center - lead a young lady to the Lord who came on the ICU Mobile truck. Parenting classes began again at the center.

    Eclectic Life Giving Groups - had as many as 25 in one meeting; it varies each week, but people are coming hungry for more of the Lord and relationship. Steve Started a Life Group last night in Clearwater and I lead the one in St. Augustine. We love partnering wherever possible with YWAM St. Augustine. (Pray for them as well!) we also partner with ASK prayer network once a
    Month and international prayer Ministry. (Pray for their leadership)

    In August we will be going to two nights a week for Eclectic to accommodate more people. Our numbers have increased ever since the local HOA removed us from the clubhouse because they determined we were in revival and revival was not allowed.

    Pray for the healing of Crystal (16) and Jamie (13). Crystal has a 1400 lb ATV flip over on her and Jamie needs a new kidney. Thanks

    Eclectic Cup coffee shop vision is in process. We have completed the business plan and now believing God for financial miracles.

    Ministry training center is a huge undertaking $$$ but our God can do anything.

    Pray for us to hear his voice clearly. We Need intercessors. Also pray for RDMI support to increase so we Can stay focused on the task at hand. 

    Pastor Steve and Lennette



    We are being mentored by one of the top coffee shop managers for the past 20 years of one of the coffee shops voted in the top coffee shops in America. She lives in Holland, Michigan where we use to be on staff at a church in our younger days.  This is a divine connection and her knowledge and support  is priceless. She recommended that we come to the Coffee Fest in Nashville to get our feet wet and boy are we saturated.  lol  We told the Lord we would not go into debt in order to attend and the Lord brought in every dime. The only thing lacking was money for food and that came in three days before leaving. God is faithful and evidently wanted us here. We are very grateful for this experience. Our mentor decided to meet us here in Nashville and walk us through this experience and mentor us in between classes.  WOW. What  Favor and Gift from the Lord Sherry White is to our lives. She loves Jesus and she loves the coffee business. 

    Every day as we walked from the hotel in downtown Nashville to the music city center for the coffee trade show conference we saw many sites. One of them was what they call Honky Tonk Row. We ventured out last night to check it out. It was just not our scene. They also call that Row Broadway. We found a favorite restaurant called Pucketts. If you get to Nashville it is worth the wait for a table. We have so much information in our head regarding coffee, tea, the business, products, that our heads are spinning. Pastoring is our comfort zone. Business is not our comfort zone. But this business, if God continues to move it forward, will be to us, an Outreach Center to all. An opportunity to reach a community, and through tourist, prayerfully the world, over a cup of coffee. Pray for us as we continue to pray and confirm if this is God's direction for this moment in time. A lot needs to happen in the supernatural in order for the natural to appear. We are looking straight into the face of the impossible. But I have seen God do amazing suddenly's. You would be amazed as to how many people go all over the world in the name of coffee, but it is truly in the name of Jesus...their first love. Coffee and or Chocolate is their second love. There may be future opportunities for our upcoming ministry training center students to go to some of these family coffee farms all over the world and minister to the field workers and their families. We believe this is way bigger than what we could even think or imagine. Just praying it all through.

  • REVELATION That took my breath away.

    First of all I want to apologize for not writing daily or at least weekly. Things have gotten pretty busy. Please read the story and testimony below.

    I have to share something very special and beautiful that God showed me today. Please indulge me for just a moment. You may not actually get this but I am going to share it anyways because some will. About 3 weeks ago I told my husband that we needed to pray regarding me getting a part time job to help us until more of our missions support is raised. I told him it would have to be flexible because of our ministry, the ministry we are part of in Fleming Island, and the fact that we still travel monthly. Also that day I had a conversation with a friend that was on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to abortion. I am pro-life and she is pro-choice. Well, later that day, my husband called and said that a pastor had called to let him know that while he was praying the Lord told him to call Steve about his wife regarding a possible part time position that was flexible. (WHAT?) To top it off the job was at the Life Services Pregnancy Center that helps save the lives of the unborn. (WHAT?)!!!! Only God can do something like that. I began work there about 2 weeks ago. Something I have not shared with my co-workers but feel led to share here, is everytime I am there, I get short of breath and feel like I am struggling to breathe. I also get shaky and weak. I never tell anyone, I just battle it in my spirit because I have felt it was a spiritual warfare because of what we are doing. Scary, but I push through and it does go away, usually sometime after I leave. Well today, Steve and I were out to breakfast with some friends. A little one year old girl came over to our table and wanted me to pick her up. She smiled, laughed adorably, and then would put her head against mine. I have an anointing with children but this was uncommon. I was careful since I did not know her and made sure mom and grandma felt okay. I put her down and told her to go to mommy. A few minutes later, she came back straight to me and did the same thing. She smiled real big, laughed adorably, and pressed her little forehead against mine so sweetly. It came time for her to leave and as her mom took her, she leaned my way a little bit once again, but the got her in the car and drove away. We were all taken back by what was happening. The laugh and smiles were so sweet. It was all so extraordinary. We headed for the Market Place Ministries luncheon right after that. I As I was sitting at the luncheon for Market Place Ministries listening to our friends speak, Allan and Deanne Bushell, the Lord gave me a revelation that it was all I could do to keep from crying outloud and shouting all at the same time. It so happens Steve was sitting right next to the director of the Pregnancy Center also. The Lord told me this (you don't have to believe me, but this is what he spoke to me)..."The warfare you are felling at the pregnancy center is what the babies feel when they are being aborted. (no saying the Lord is doing this to me...I feel it is an attack from the enemy). The little girl responding with laughter, and such joy, with sweet caresses was from me. She was thanking you with the help of the Holy Spirit for the babies you are helping to save". I was so emotional inside. I had to keep it all inside because we were in a public place. WOW is all I can say.


    We pray that you had an amazing Christmas. We know that next Christmas we will all look back and be amazed at all that has transpired in our nation and other nations that are greatly impacted by the decisions America makes; as well as our own families. Prayerfully we will look back with great joy. We have had so much happen this year...good and have each of you. We are so blessed by God's faithfulness and so thankful that we have not walked any of it alone. We are looking forward to this coming year with great anticipation and hope. We are believing for acceleration in the visions God has given us, but we trust Him for perfect timing.

    A little over a month ago, Lennette told the Lord that she felt our vision here in St. Augustine was moving slow. HE told her it was acceleration. She told me she actually argued with Him briefly and God took her to His Word to one of her favorite chapters to prove his point (not that he has to prove anything...he was humoring her lol). He took her to Daniel Chapter 10. The Lord pointed out once again that Daniel prayed for 21 days waiting for an answer from the Lord regarding Israel. Daniel thought he was SLOW. But The Angel of the Lord was having to fight off the Prince of Persia (the prince demon over that area) on behalf of Daniel in the heavenlies. When the Angel of the Lord appeared to Daniel he let him know that from the moment he began to pray the fight in the heavenlies began. The Lord made it clear to Lennette that acceleration was happening in heaven on our behalf here in St. Augustine. He also let her know that if she would like to fight this alone He could take His hands off. NO WAY. If you read to the end of that chapter you see that the Angel of the Lord laid hands on Daniel to strengthen him and then made it clear that he had to return to CONTINUE to fight the Prince of Persia and then also let him know that the Prince of Greece was on his way. SO WE CAME INTO AGREEMENT WITH THE LORD THAT THIS IS ACCELERATION.

    We have met people here who have been praying for a move of God for over 25 years here in this city. One young man who is partnering with us has been praying for 8 years (the same amount of time we have prayed about coming) for a move of God in this city. So here is what has been happening:

    1. Moved here by faith on April 4, 2016

    2. God did as he promised through many of you to raise our upfront funds needed to plant here. Thank you

    3. We planted ourselves into the community by praying with the pastors of the city.

    4. We invited key leaders and ministers in this city to come to our home and lay hands on us and release us into the city.

    5. Steve's youngest brothers 20 year old son suddenly passed of a rare liver disease and cancer.

    6. Jordan and Ruth lost a baby during that same time

    7. We started an Eclectic Home Group to reach our neighborhood and to train an Assembly of God church leadership on how to do Home Groups. They in turn launched 2 of their own.

    8. Have come along side Fleming Island Assembly of God church to help them raise up a youth pastor and working hand in hand to do some children's ministry training.

    9. Have had Larger events using our condo community clubhouse developing relationships with this community a. Music and Worship Nights b. Thanksgiving Dinner c. Christmas Open House These events have opened doors for us to build community and become part of this city.

    10. We come in contact with those involved in witchcraft more often than expected but this city is considered to have the fifth highest concentration of witchcraft in America. They are coming to our events and asking questions that we are happy to share. More is caught than taught in most cases. *We are asking for intercessors to arise on our behalf as we move forward.

    11. We have partnered with A.S.K Prayer network to reach this city and nation through prayer, lead by Aaron Gray. We use our clubhouse for the meetings once a month.

    12. Helped move our kids to Michigan

    13. Working on a Business Plan for a Coffee Shop on Vilano Beach as an outreach to that island. Pray with us for financial provision , a building (they are limited in the business district) and timing. 

    14. Our family dog, OSCAR, passed away at the age of 16 years. Our hearts are broken but very thankful for so many years given from the Lord with such a sweet 4 legged fur baby.

    15.  Steve has been ministering in the jails once a week and loves it.  He is seeing a difference in the men.


    1. We will continue partnering with A.S.K. Prayer Network

    2. On January 9th we will begin our new Eclectic Home Group called "Hope for Your Future". It will be held every Monday evening.

    3. One Friday a month we will facilitate a "meal" and outreach using our clubhouse. It costs only $50 each time we use it.

    4. We will be preparing for the beginning of our Ministry Training Center using what God has placed in our hands until we get a building. We are excited as to what God is showing us. It will be called "LEAD" and will last 6 weeks in the summer. More details to come. This will involve rising seniors and college age students.

    We are looking for 50 people to come alongside and partner with us for $50 a month for one year or as long as God would have you participate. Please pray and ask God if you are one of those called alongside to help us reach this city and train others to reach their world. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD GROUND TO SOW INTO, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO MAKE A DONATION AND IT COUNT FOR THIS YEAR IF OU USE THE DONATE BUTTON ON OUR WEBSITE. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BELIEVING IN US AND THE VISIONS GOD GIVES US.

    Pastor Steve and Lennette Deal

  • November 11-12, 2016 FUSHION ROCKS IT FOR JESUS

    Steve and our leaders took youth from Feming Island Youth to FUSHION a youth conference in Orlando for the Assemblies of God.  Steve said it was powerful adn Planet Shakers truly lead them into the presence of the Lord.

  • RDMI and "The New 50" in St. Augustine, FL

               RDMI and "The New 50"
                    in St. Augustine, FL
    *The First Continuous settlement in North America
    *Strategically located to be a light in our country
    *5th Highest concentration of Witchcraft (Wicca/Occult) Activity in the USA
    *Many unchurched or pre-believers who need the hope of Christ
    We are looking for 50 Partners to be a part of "The New 50".  To help us make His-Story become their story.  
               What is "The New 50"?
    Since we are celebrating the next cycle of 50 years before Jubilee, why not get in on the 1st year and be a part of "The New 50"?
    Needed:  50 Partners to sow a seed of $50 per month _______
    Needed:  50 Partners to sow a seed of $50 in a one time gift of $50 ______
    Needed:  50 Partners to sow a ONE TIME  seed of $500 ____ 
                       or $5000 ____
    *Will help us reach the pre-believers and unchurched each week
    *Will help us develop young leaders to engage in society as we begin the  birthing phases of the Ministry Training Center
    *Will help us Network with other ministries and people building bridges here in this city and our world.
    Birds have been gathering by the the thousands out on Vilano Beach where RDMI feels called to plant a ministry training center. WE believe it is a prophetic picture of what God is about to do in this city for His Kingdom. We have been in ministry together for 33 years.       
    If we have impacted or influenced your life and spiritual growth, please consider sowing into our lives and ministry once again as our ministry continues to touch and change lives for his purposes one life at a time.  Maybe you were one of those lives that were changed.  We are asking you to pray about helping us to do this over and over again. God did not allow us to raise all of our support before beginning this adventure as missionaries to the first city in America, but where HE calls us HE always does the miraculous and sometimes it is through His people.                   
    *Paypal under
    *Through our website at and click on the donate button
    *Mail a check to 3310 Haley Pointe Road, St. Augustine, FL  32084
    ALL GIFTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE and we always send out giving records for you taxes upon receipt through email or Snail mail.
    See our website for daily and weekly updates.  We have been here 6 months but have rarely been here for 2 weeks in a row due to outside ministry and events that have impacted our family's lives.   A lot has happened in a short period of time, good and bad but God is still on the throne of our lives.  
    1.  We trained a local Assembly of God staff and leadership in Life Groups (Home Groups) and they have now launched two home groups of their own.
    2.  We have started another Eclectic Home Group here in our Condominiums
    3.  We have had special events here in our clubhouse...Music nights; young adults ministries for Fleming Island Assembly of God; as well as hosting A.S.K Network Prayer meetings for the city, out nation and the world.  
    4.  We have also had a "Meet and Greet" in our home to reach those that we have come in contact with here in this city.  Our home was FULL.
    5.  We are "Tent Making" to help support our vision here in St. Augustine by working part time at Fleming Island Assembly of God church helping them to raise up a youth pastor for their amazing youth.  Lennette has also been helping them train and raise up Children's ministry workers to come alongside their Children's Pastor by doing an "It's Alive" clinic and filling in when necessary. What a joy this has been. We love the pastors and the people of this congregation.  
    6.  This coming Sunday we are having an outreach in our Condominiums by having a Thanksgiving FEAST.  We will be providing the turkeys and hams, as well as all place settings and drinks.  This cost us each time to rent the clubhouse, but God has been faithful to cover it every time.
    7.  Right now our home and the Vista Cove Clubhouse seems to be our "church" per se.  
    Thank you to all who have come alongside us in prayer and financial support.  Once again, if you would like to be part of "THE NEW 50", follow the above directions.
    We wish you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  We have so much to be thankful for in this country.
    All our love, 
    Pastor Steve and Lennette Deal

  • October 21, 2016 WHAT DOES VILANO MEAN?

      Vilano means Dandelion in Spanish.  People who know the dandelion—which is just about everyone—know that its flowers turn into puffballs of seeds, with each seed attached to a little “parachute” to help it blow away and take root elsewhere. By context, then, vilano must be that little “parachute.”  I was surprised to find that vilano is an altered form of milano, which is the kind of bird that in English is ‘a kite.’ As best I can make out, the extended Spanish usage of milano to mean what English-speaking botanists call ‘a pappus’ was by analogy with the way a kite flies through the air—and compare how English likewise extended the meaning of kite, though in a different way, from ‘a type of bird’ to ‘a type of flying toy.’

    Our ministry training center will be training young people in ministry and life skills, and the will be sent out from that island to places all over the US and the World to plant seeds.  They will be sent like a parachute with life giving seeds to be deposited that will change lives.  A kite flys high and dances to the move of the wind.  I pray that Steve and I hear the voice of the Lord and we see thsi city from His perspective and dance to the move of His spirit.

  • October 21, 2016 A Divine Appointment

    As we walked on Vilano beach this morning to pray the lady taking one of these pictures was our divine appointment for today.  So excited for God's continued confirmation. She gave us direction about the coffee shop vision and she had NO IDEA we were praying about direction.  We got to pray with her and that in and of it's self was worth the walk. But the things she shared with us were answers to our future vision and she did not It even know it. 

    The devastation of Hurricane Matthew also left behind some beautiful things. Making beauty out of ashes.

    We will be fishers of men on Vilano.

  • October 13-16 The Rise Conference at The Palms Church in Brandon.

    It was a great honor and privilege to go back to The Palms Church and help with the Men's Conference called The RISE as well as Lennette having the privilege ot do kids church there once again. Very thankful for friendships established that last.



    Pray for our city as HURRICANE MATTHEW came with a fury.  We have had a great opportuity to pray with different people who have lost their homes or who have had damage.  Pray that people will look UP in the midst of this crisis to the Lord and that he will use us in the midst of it all.

    Trees were down all over the city. Vilano beach where we filled called for the training center and downtown St. Augustine got hit the worst.

    BEAUTIFUL Downtown St. Augustine became a river down each street.  The city pulled together and did amazing things in a short period of time.

  • October 17, 2016 ECLECTIC, "God in 3'D".

    Steve and I fight discouragement on some Mondays because we invite so many people that we meet that do not know Jesus or who are discouraged as the "church" but they are not attending a church anywhere because they have been wounded and we wait, pray, and they do not come.  Our first Life Group helped to train pastors and leadership of another awesome church and they have now launched two life groups fo their own.  We are very excited about this. It is part of the vision God gave us. As we have started again on Monday nights, our efforts at times seem futile...BUT we press through knowing that God has a time and a season for everything. We meet faithfully with our partner in worship and prayer, Aaron Gray, and stand on what God has promised.  Pray as we reach out to this city that whatever they are struggling with, they will not be afraid to get to know who Jesus truly is.  

  • October 9th to the 12, 2016 Steve and Jordan Deal Partner in Ministry

    Jordan Deal Partners with us for a few days of ministry.  On Sunday the 9th he and Aaron Gray lead in worship and Jordna speaks for the Fleming Island Young Adults at our clubhouse here in St. Augustine. On October 12th he leads worship and speaks for us at Fleming Island Assembly of God Youth...  We are partnering with other minsitries to reach our city and the cities around us. What a privilege and honor. What fun partnering as a famiy for this season. It may be a short season, but it is a blessed season.

  • October 3, 2016 What has been happening since April 4, 2016

    RealDeal Ministries Update with Steve and Lennette Deal: We are so excited about all God has shown us to do in the city of St. Augustine, the oldest city in America. We arrived here on April 4 but so much has happened that needed our attention that we have been gone about 2.5 months of this season of time. Some of it has been heart wrenching like our young nephew suddenly passing away and our kids Jordan and Ruth loosing a baby during their pregnancy. Other reasons have been ministry opportunities outside of the city.

    One thing we know for sure, It takes finances to do ministry and vision. Some parts of the vision God has shown us will take a great deal of finances. But right now we have begun where we can and that is the home groups in this city. We have a home!!! That is what is in our hands right now. We have helped to train other churches leadership teams on how to start their own home groups within the church to help reach their communities. We of course are doing our own. Our Life Giving Group, as we call it, meets every Monday evening at 7 PM.

    We have special events once a month where we rent the club house in our complex and offer free music nights and refreshments. This is one of our monthly outreach ventures. We have done "Meet and Greets" to meet people in the community and to help them meet each other. That was very successful. We have had college students and grad students for dinner as well as others in the community to reach out to them with the gospel through relationship.

    I (Steve) am preaching and teaching in the jail every Tuesday and I love it. On Wednesday mornings I faithfully meet with pastors in the city to pray for our city. To help with our income, and come along side some dear friends, we are on part time staff at a church in Fleming Island, First Assembly of God, raising up a youth pastor for them and filling that spot until the young couple are ready to assume that position . Lennette has been helping in the kids ministry while their kid's pastor handled some personal health issues within her family. Lennette will be doing an "It's Alive" clinic to raise up and train children's workers in their church in November.

    I (Steve) saw a great need in the church in Fleming Island to make a place for the 18 to 30 year olds to gather together and grow in the Lord. We had our first gathering this past Sunday afternoon with a special word and worship with my son Jordan Deal and 25 people came. We held it in our club house in St. Augustine to make it a bit special.

    This past Monday night, October 3, we had a night of music for the community also here in our clubhouse. Jordan Deal and Aaron Gray did the music for the evening. We had others scheduled but they faced sickness. It worked out just fine and the night was a lot of fun. We did not have the turnout we were praying for, but these things take time to catch on. We did have some amazing people there from Romania and from Italy. God brought the World to us and WE LOVE THE NATIONS.

    We have had the privilege of leading around 25 people to Christ in the last month in different ministry venues and opportunities. Just wanted to say thank you. Your faithfulness to sow into this means you are part of it.

    RIGHT NOW, we need partners to come alongside and help us go to the next level in the vision God has shared with us. We know he is speaking to people to sow into RealDeal Ministries and partner with us this season in time. We are asking you to pray and see if you might be one of those people. If we have impacted your life in the past, and you would like to help us impact others today in this season, now would be a great time. You can simply go our website and hit the donate button. It is painless IF GOD is the one who speaks. Don't do it because you like us, do it because He speaks.

    Thank you again. Pastors Steve and Lennette Deal

    RealDeal Ministries International

  • Thursday, September 22, 2016 Here We Are Lord Use Us Part II

    Steve and I have had the privilege of leading 20 people (children and adults) to Christ in the last 2 weeks in different venues, ministries, events, and just being out there in the world saying here I am Lord use me. At the same time we are facing some pretty rough attacks. The enemy is and WILL be defeated.